Cycling can be a most enjoyable experience! It doesn’t matter whether you ride at ten miles per hour or twenty, you will benefit physically and mentally from the fresh air; the wind in your face; the scenery; the sounds - all of which combine to make cycling such a great sport at every level.

Everyone who rides should get their bike set up correctly. Whether you are a recreational rider or a serious racer, your bike must fit. Just like your cycling shoes and shorts, your bike must fit properly in order for you to be comfortable, perform well and to prevent injuries. When set up properly, every cyclist will have a better experience.

As a specialist standalone bike setup business you will receive an unpressured and relaxed service. I only fit to your existing bike or bikes, and I have no vested interest in selling you any piece of cycling equipment. I may make recommendations to you to help you achieve a more comfortable position but you can, of course, accept, modify, or ignore my advice!

The Bike Setup Company
Proprietor Pete Lucas MSc



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